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Hope Lane Media LLC (HLM) is a music + technology incubator (a creative media factory).

Most importantly, we invest in people - the world changers.

We own and operate Hope Lane Records, a global music distribution company (aka. a re-invented Indie Music Label) that provides artist development, marketing, distribution, publishing and rights management services for artists.

Our flagship brand, Hope Lane Records is known for launching artists like Hope Lane (the band) and Graham Albright. HLR helps independant artists maximize their brand and revenue potential by providing a dynamic team of music business, marketing and technology experts combined with (ARELIA), a proprietary music business OS software technology created by Hope Lane Media.


Palm Beach Gardens, FL (January 01, 2023) – Hope Lane Media LLC announced today that its proprietary MUSIC BUSINESS OS® ARELIA will be made available for musicians, bands, and managers worldwide in Q2 2023.

ARELIA is a MUSIC BUSINESS OS® – an innovative new platform for automated business insights for musicians and indie labels. Hope Lane Records spear headed the development of ARELIA utilizing the music business OS platform day-to-day to manage and optimize HLR artists social, streaming, publishing, royalty, revenue operations, marketing and fan data.

Hope Lane Media LLC is on a mission to create the best and most innovative tools for musicians that makes the complex, simple. Through the work of their independant record label, Hope Lane Records, and cloud software app, ARELIA, Hope Lane Media is trailblazing the way the next generation of young musicians use technology to grow and monetize their craft, work together more seamlessly, and use creativity for good.

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Our vision/mission is “Influence = Change” – creating and investing in digital entertainment content & media, digital products & disruptive businesses that shine a guiding light of positive influence that endures for generations. 

Robert Wells & Kara Wells, Founders
A Proverbs 4:23 company

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